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Minna Huotilainen

“Additional hard drives are actually being designed for the brain. The connection to the brain would be made either directly or through an electromagnetic link to the brain tissue.”


Minna Huotilainen, PhD, is a professor of educational sciences at the University of Helsinki, Finland. Her main research methodology is neuroscience, and her innovative work in developing brain research methods and paradigms has led to discoveries in fundamental neural mechanisms such as memory and learning in human fetuses, innate linguistic and musical capabilities of infants, effects of musical activities on the brain function in children and adolescents, as well as physiological effects of stress and burnout at work on memory and attention. Her current work at Centre of Excellence in Music, Mind, Body and Brain focuses on the use of music for the benefit of learning and wellbeing. Huotilainen is well known for her efforts in building interaction between the scientific community and the general public in the form of popular books, media appearances and other outreach activities. In addition, she has been awarded with, among others, the J.V. Snellman Prize and the Education Influencer Prize. 

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Preliminary talk title at Millennium Innovation Forum:

“Resourceful human brain”

Photo: Otava/ Linda Tammisto

Minna Huotilainen

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