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See frequently asked questions (FAQ) of Millennium Technology Prize and related events such as Millennium Innovation Forum, Millennium Youth Prize and Millennium Graduate Student Contest.

What is the Millennium Technology Prize?

The Millennium Technology Prize is the preeminent €1 million award focused on technological innovations for a better life. The winning innovations are globally accessible and are based upon ethically sound academic and scientific research.

Who awards the Millennium Technology Prize?

The prize is Finland’s tribute to innovations, and its patron is the President of the Republic of Finland. The prize is governed by the Technology Academy Finland, an independent foundation established by various representatives of the Finnish industry, academia and the state of Finland. It is Finland’s tribute to innovations, and its patron is the President of the Republic of Finland.

Where and when is the Millennium Technology Prize awarded?

The winner of the Millennium Technology Prize will be announced on 30 October 2024, in Helsinki, Finland. The biennial prize was first awarded in 2004.

Who is eligible for the prize?

Candidates for the Millennium Technology Prize are sought across the world and in all fields of technology. Nominations for the prize are accepted from universities, academies, research institutes, and industrial enterprises and organisations. Citizens of all nations are eligible.

Who selects the winner?

After the nominations have been screened by the Pre-Selection Committee, they undergo a rigorous review by the International Selection Committee, a distinguished panel of experts from academia and industry. In addition, both committees call upon external experts to evaluate nominations from their area of expertise. To conclude the evaluation process, the Board of Technology Academy Finland selects the winner based on a proposal by the International Selection Committee.

What are the criteria for the prize?
The nominated innovation must be clearly identifiable, and the role of the nominees who contributed to the innovation must be demonstrated clearly. The degree of change the innovation has brought to the underlying technology as well as its present and future impact on the field and society at large are also considered in the evaluation process. Furthermore, the innovation is required to be sustainable, globally accessible, and based upon ethically sound academic and scientific research.

Is the Millennium Technology Prize the biggest prize in the field of technology?

The Millennium Technology Prize is the largest European prize awarded in the field of technology, and one of the most globally significant recognitions of scientific innovations.

Are there rules about how the prize money should be used?
The winner can choose how they want to use the prize money.

What is Millennium Innovation Forum (MIF)?

Millennium Innovation Forum is an international conference celebrating the Millennium Technology Prize. The forum brings together representatives of academia, business world, and the public sector to discuss the solutions to the world’s greatest challenges. In 2022, the themes of the conference include green transition, digitalization, resilience. In addition, Finland’s Research and Innovation Council hosts a session on the importance of diversity and equality in RDI activities.

What is the Millennium Youth Prize?

Millennium Youth Prize is a challenge contest for students aged 19 and under. The contest was established in 2018 to encourage young people to think innovatively and to foster their interest in science and technology.

What is the Millennium Graduate Student Contest?

Millennium Graduate Student Contest is an opportunity for young researchers to present their projects in the form of an engaging three-minute pitch.

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