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Supergraph: Ever More, Ever Smaller – Satellite Industry Trends for 2020-2029

Illustration of the satellites in the space

The supergraph was originally published in Alma Talent’s T&T. Alma Talent is a partner of Millennium Technology Prize.

A change is underway in the space surrounding us: ever smaller satellites are being launched in increasingly large fleets into orbit. There was a launching boom in the year 2020, and the pace seems to only get faster as the decade progresses.

Satellite industry trends for 2020-2029 (according to Euroconsult)

Illustration of satellites and other objects launched into space
Satellites and other objects launched into space (as number of objects)

Humans have launched thousands of objects into space after the satellite Sputnik, launched in 1957. In recent years, the number of launches has significantly increased, mostly due to commercial actors. While the number of satellites has increased, their average size has grown smaller.

Satellite size classification

Illustration of the satellites in the space
Approximate weight of the satellite type and an example

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