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Innovation award for women goes to Professor Heli Jantunen

Professor Heli Jantunen is the first person in the world to introduce the possibility of making co-fired electroceramics in ultra low temperatures. The next-generation multi-purpose electroceramics are a global breakthrough in the field of electroceramics. They enable the use of lower production temperatures, new materials and 3D printing in the production of electroceramics and also allow production to be small-scale, local and energy-efficient. The current market for the technology is estimated to be worth around USD 900 million. Its main product groups are miniature sensor, RF and microwave modules as well as the filters, switches and antennas for telecommunications technology.

The temperature required by the production of ceramic components has until now been too high or the semiconductors and polymers commonly used in electronics, which has prevented them from being directly integrated with ceramic components. The method developed by Heli Jantunen’s research group has managed to decrease the temperatures required for ceramic component production to under 500 degrees Celsius and even down to room temperature, which enables the direct integration of ceramic components with modern heat-sensitive materials and the development of new applications. The method developed by Jantunen can reduce the need for energy down to 15–30% of the original required amount, which cuts the costs associated with production equipment and makes for an easier process while also being more eco-friendly. The production method has already been used successfully in making products such as a ceramic antenna.

The innovation award bestowed by Parliament commemorates the anniversary of universal and equal suffrage on 1 June. The prize is worth EUR 110,000 and has been awarded in 2017, 2018 and 2019. The award is given to a woman or a group of women for a scientifically significant innovation in the field of technology or economics.

The Technology Academy Finland foundation handled the actual award process. The Parliamentary Office Commission selected the winner from the group of candidates judged to be the best.

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