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Annu Nieminen


Annu Nieminen is the founder and CEO of Upright, a technology company building a new type of an AI-enabled quantification model to measure the net impact of companies. Upright’s mission is to create concrete incentives for companies to optimize their net impact, by enabling more fact-based decision-making for investors, customers, employees, and public sector agents.

Upright’s quantification model draws together masses of scientific publications and company-disclosed data to quantify both positive and negative impacts that companies have on the environment, health of people, society and knowledge. Upright’s open-access impact data platform is currently used by 200+ institutional investors and companies to track, report and improve their net impact.  Nieminen has been chosen as an Innovator Under 35 by the MIT Technology Review, and holds a M. Sc. (Eng.) in Information Networks from Aalto University. Prior to founding Upright, Nieminen worked as a consultant at McKinsey & Company and as CEO of Finnish scaleup initiative Kasvuryhmä.

Annu Nieminen

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