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Markku Kulmala

”Finland leads the atmospheric research. There’s only a need of 8 billion to be able to obtain comprehensive data to understand what is going on. Without data, no saving of the planet.”


Academician Markku Kulmala is a professor of aerosol and environmental physics at the University of Helsinki.

Kulmala is ISI Highly Cited Researcher and world’s most cited scientists in geosciences (2011-2018). He is also an ERC Advanced Grant holder and leader of INAR and ACCC Flagship. In addition, Kulmala is a winner of more than ten international awards, has memberships in eight Academies and has nine honorary doctoral degrees /professorships.

During his remarkable career, Kulmala has made around 1200 publications. The main focus of his research team has been the formation and growth mechanisms of atmospheric aerosols, dynamics of aerosols, air ions and clusters, aerosol-cloud-climate interactions, relationships between the atmosphere and different types of land surfaces and climate – in other words, air quality interactions.

The backbone of his research is long-term data from the Stations Measuring the Earth Surface Atmosphere Relations (SMEAR) stations both in Finland and China as well as India. According to Kulmala, these stations are the solutions for having sufficient data of our climate.

The SMEAR stations have versatile continuous, long-term measurements of mass and energy fluxes between atmosphere and biosphere, aerosol properties and biosphere-atmosphere CO2/trace gas/aerosol interactions. Kulmala’s recent interest has been in solving air pollution problems in complex air quality chemistry-physics and meteorology continuum.

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Preliminary talk title at Millennium Innovation Forum

“Climate change, air quality and covid: On the importance of comprehensive observations”

Markku Kulmala

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