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 Peter Skillman


Peter Skillman currently serves as the Global Head of Design for Royal Philips, He is focused on radical empathy and transforming the lives of patients and clinicians through simplicity, clarity and the predictive insights in their data. Peter spearheads the company’s design strategy and oversees the talented designers responsible for shaping both the physical and digital environments of Royal Philips.

Peter’s journey began at IDEO, a globally acclaimed design consultancy, where he honed his skills as a designer and engineer. His career highlights include leading the design of award-winning products like Palm Personal Data Assistants and Treo smartphones. Notably, Peter played a pivotal role in driving user experience for Nokia, overseeing the shipment of an impressive 1.6 billion phones in just four years. His expertise further extended to Microsoft, where he led the Windows 10 user interface and Outlook, followed by steering the UX for nearly all Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Peter earned numerous awards for his contributions to the design industry, securing a spot as one of the 100 most creative people in business by Fast Company. With a rich educational background, over 60 patents including a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, and an M.S. in Product Design from Stanford University, Peter brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the Design Leaders Community.

Outside of work, Peter is an enthusiastic promoter of sustainable architecture, construction, and design and in 2022 was the Netherlands Epee Fencing National Champion (50+ category).

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