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Takahiro Ueyama


Takahiro Ueyama is a Full-time Executive Member of the Council for Science, Technology and Innovation at the Cabinet Office of Japanese Government (CSTI). The CSTI’s main mission is to create a five-year basic plan for Science, Technology and Innovation (STI). Since joining the Council in 2016, Ueyama has devoted himself to expanding the national investment on academic activities in Japan, launching the 6th Basic Plan for STI amending the basic law of science and technology into a new legislation of STI, creating the Japanese Open Science Platform, starting a Moonshot Research and Development Program, and so on. The policy initiative that Ueyama is most committed to now is to implement what is called University Endowment Fund of 10 trillion yen ($91 billion) designed to financially support top-ranked research universities. In addition, he is interested in a new agenda such as economic security and its relation with Japanese academia.

Speaker at the Millennium Innovation Forum Session 1. on 25 October 2022 starting at 3 pm (EEST).

Dr. Takahiro Ueyama

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