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Video: Sustainable Space

Illustration of the astronaut in the space

Finland’s first Science Satellite will be sent to space in June 2022.

Right now we are launching more spacecraft to space than ever in the human history and that is then seen as a space debris problem.

There are two debris problems, the old debris, which is already there, and the new debris which is coming from the new launches. And this satellite is looking at the new debris problem.

Most important points in preventing new debris is this satellite measures the environmental conditions, so that we can understand what the environment is, so that we can build more durable spacecraft.

The other thing that we are doing here is we are testing the orbiting technology, which is going to take the spacecraft out of the orbit when the mission is done. We think we know how near earth space works. We do not.

And that is why it is very important to send spacecraft to take measurements from the near-earth space.

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