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Video: Behind the Scenes in Finland with Martin Green, 2022 Millennium Technology Prize winner

Photo of Millennium Technology Prize winner Martin Green (2022) meeting with the Finnish Minister of Science and Culture, Sari Multala

Scientia Professor Martin Green was awarded with the Millennium Technology Prize in 2022, for his innovation that enables the world to have cheap and efficient solar technology, and helping us give up fossil energy.
In October 2023, Martin Green returned to Finland to exchange insights on the future of energy.

Martin Green inspired his audience and interlocutors – and got inspired himself – when meeting with the Finnish Minister of Science and Culture, Sari Multala, speaking to a full auditorium at Aalto University, participating in a workshop and building solar cell cars with highschool students, meeting with experts from the Millennium Technology Prize partner organizations such as ABB, Vaisala, Neste, Metso, University of Helsinki, Tampere University, Åbo Akademi University and LUT University, and exchanging views with many others in fields of innovation, technology, education and science in Finland.

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