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Millennium Technology Prize 2024 received nominations from 28 countries


Nearly 70 innovations were nominated for the 2024 Millennium Technology Prize. The number of nominations was 17 % higher than the average of all previous nomination rounds. The proportion of nominated female candidates is the second highest in history. The share of nominations submitted from Africa increased from 5 % to 20 %.

“The Millennium Technology Prize has firmly established itself among the most prestigious technology awards in the world. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the number of nominations dropped, but we managed to significantly increase it for this season, nearly by a fifth compared to the average of previous nomination rounds,” says Markku Ellilä, CEO of Technology Academy Finland, the foundation awarding the Millennium Technology Prize.

The Millennium Technology Prize, awarded every two years, grants one million euros to innovations that improve people’s quality of life and the living conditions of the planet. Out of the 69 nominations, a total of 21 come from Europe, 16 from North America, 15 from Asia and the Pacific, 14 from Africa, and 3 from the Middle East. There were more nominations from almost all regions compared to the previous round.

“We have worked towards diversity and getting high-quality nominations from the Global South. This is now reflected in our results.”

Markku Ellilä, CEO, Technology Academy Finland

“We are pleased with the results, considering that there is a limited number of extremely high-quality science and technology innovations in the world that match the criteria of the Millennium Technology Prize. The recognition of the prize is on a sharp rise. We are particularly happy that the call for nomination reaches the top scientists from various parts of the world,” says Minna Palmroth, Chair of the Board of Technology Academy Finland.

Largest growth in Africa

Compared to previous years, the number of African innovations nominated increased the most. In previous nomination rounds, 0–5 innovations were nominated from Africa. In the present round, Africa’s share increased from 5 % to 20 %.

“We have worked towards diversity and getting high-quality nominations from the Global South. This is now reflected in our results,” says CEO Markku Ellilä.

The share of nominated female candidates is also the second highest in history, at over 16 %.

“The percentage of women is still far too small, but the trend is in the right direction. The problem is structural and requires encouraging women to pursue careers in science and research from a young age. We work towards this goal, for instance, by closely collaborating with universities and organizing pitching contests,” says Markku Ellilä.

Individuals could make nominations for the first time

In this nomination round, the most nominations were received in the fields of health and life sciences, information technology, as well as energy and environmental sciences.

This year, for the first time, individuals could make nominations alongside organizations.

“This reform encourages nominators to represent their fields more broadly and to look for nominees outside their own organizations,” says Markku Ellilä.

The winner will be announced in September 2024

Next, the Pre-selection Committee of the Millennium Technology Prize will review the nominations and provide a short list to the International Selection Committee, which will propose a winner. The winner decision will be made by the board of Technology Academy Finland.

The winner will be announced on 4 September 2024, and the Award Ceremony will take place on 30 October 2024 in Finland.

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